26 October 2008

Too Perfect

The time has come to say goodbye,
But still we have to question why.
You were with us just a short time,
But you left your love and memories behind.
I tell myself it's not fair you were taken from me,
But I know your greater purpose was not to be.
In our hearts ans minds you will remain
Aside from all the sadness and the pain.
You will always be our little girl,
Too perfect for this imperfect world.

-Don Billmire

15 October 2008

13 October 2008

For Others Too

Some of our family and friends may wonder why I keep this blog going. It is, of course, in memory of our beautiful daughter, and is also for us to have a place to go to and remember our her, but it is for others too. I have received many emails from people all over the nation thanking me for this blog. I selected the option to have it come up in Google searches and have worked on posting helpful support links for those who might come across it. Pregnancy and infant loss is such a tough trial to have to go through. When it happens to you you go through it for the rest of your life. There are good days, sometimes even good weeks or months, but the sadness and grief of it always come back for a visit every now and then. Most people do not know where to turn. I am grateful for the support we have been given, know how much it helps, and want to make it available for others. If you know of anyone, anyone who could benefit from this blog, even in the slightest, please share it with them. There are helpful links, songs, poems, etc. for parents who have suffered a miscarriage(s), stillbirth(s), or a neonatal loss(s). If you know of any links or information I can post here that I do not already have posted please let me know. No matter how they were lost our babies are all angel friends who want to see us happy. If I have helped to give one person a tiny bit of that happiness then I can know I have made my daughter proud.

Mommy I'm Here

Mommy I know this day wasn't what you had planned,
But I'm right here beside you, holding your hand.
My spirit has already gone, there's so much work to do,
But our Father let me come today so i could comfort you.
I know you and Daddy love me, and it's hard to see me go,
But that is why we're sent to earth, so we can learn and grow.
I wish I could stay with you here and play with my brother too,
But for now I'll have to wait until your missions are though.
I'll be near when you need me to wipe away your tears,
to hold you tight and kiss your cheeks and chase away your fears.
And on the day our Father calls you to come home
I'll be right there to get you, you'll never be alone.

-Deanne Taylor

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