25 December 2007

Quiet Christmas Star

Light a quiet candle.
Send a quiet kiss,
Say a quiet fare-thee-well
To the one you miss.
Light a quiet candle,
Shed a quiet tear,
Sing a quiet lullaby,
And the quiet Christmas star will hear.

-Sasha Wagner

A Christmas Poem

I believe in Heaven, where Santa does not go,
But instead the tiny angels find their homes below.

They mend our broken hearts.
They wipe away our tears.
They impart their loving tenderness.
They blow away our fears.

As vivid as the magic of Christmas,
With all the sights and sounds,
With twinkle lights and holly,
Their love is all around.

So have hope no matter what you do.
Your little piece of heaven
Will help you through.


-Anne Stenebjem

23 December 2007

Christmas Dress

Yes, we are the kinda parents who would have made her wear this to church. :) Okay, maybe not the hat. Wouldn't this be cute with little white tights?!

18 December 2007


The presence of your absence is everywhere!!!! -Peach

07 December 2007

Our Christmas Box Ceremony

Olivia's rose is the pink one at the very bottom, front, left corner of the angel statue. We are so glad we went. It felt comforting to us both to be surrounded by people who understood our loss and feelings at this time of the year.

06 December 2007

Christmas Box Ceremony

On December 6th of each year, at 7:00PM, a candlelight healing ceremony is held at the base of the Christmas Box Angel monument. After a few remarks, a moment of silence, and a musical number, those who attend are invited to place a flower at the base of the statue.

The Christmas Box Angel monuments are located throughout the United States to provide hope and healing to all those who have experienced the death of a child.

Please call 801-544-1159 with any questions.

05 December 2007

Forever Angel

Thank You [Olivia]

[Olivia], you filled me with more love while I carried you than I have known in a lifetime. I cannot begin to describe the joy you brought me.

I want to thank you for each kick and each jab you gave me. Every moment amazed me and warmed my heart. For that I thank you.

At the end of each work day, together we would walk the dog and watch meaningless reality television. It was the best part of my day and for that I thank you.

I wish I could describe the look on your dad's face when we found out you were a girl. You immediately lit up his heart and he lit up the room. I will always remember that moment and for that I thank you.

When people ask me how far along I was or if I knew what I was having, I was so excited to tell them all about you. YES, I would respond, she's a girl... I never felt so proud and for that I thank you.

The moment I saw your face, I fell so deeply in love and in spite of all the sorrow surrounding out circumstance, once I held you in my arms, you brought me absolute peace. For that I thank you.

I don't know why things happened for us the way they did. What I do know is that I am so lucky for every moment I had with my little girl. [Olivia], you are my greatest gift, and now my heart beats for both of us. We love you and miss you every day.

-By Colleen Dempsey, Dedicated to Fallon

02 December 2007

Faith, the Build-A-Bear

Every two months we receive a newsletter from SHARE. The most recent one listed suggestions of how to honor and remember babies during the holiday season. One suggestion was to create a Build-A-Bear in memory of your baby, and include it in a holiday family photo to stand in for your baby. Doug and I decided to do this. At first we felt kinda silly being there, but it really was fun. Somehow picking out a pink and white bear made us feel like we found something we could do for Olivia as parents. Picking out pink hair bows made me tear up as I imagined putting them in Olivia's hair. It was a great idea, and we thank SHARE for the suggestion. Look for Faith on our Christmas card this year.

01 December 2007


It's that special time of year for many
Gifts and songs and wonder plenty
Colors bright and life anew
Holiday cheer and friendship true
Yet for some, the pain of sorrow and
Not knowing what will come tomorrow
In the wake of mourning a child's death
Moment by moment they walk the path
Trying to survive grief's grip of wrath
Be gentle with them this time of year
Whom death has crossed, their cries please hear
Hearts are broken 'neath sorrow and tears
Today, tomorrow, and all of their years
Offer them gifts of kindness and amity
As they face each day of boundless calamity
Light a candle, say a prayer for those who mourn
Who cannot rejoice, their lives now torn
Remember their child and honor their pain
Share the burden and help them sustain
This holiday season, the best gifts you can share
Are your heart and your love,
Your solace and care.

-Joanne Cacciatore, PhD

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