11 August 2010

In Two

When I found out that you had died,
My heart split in two.
The one side filled with memories,
The other died with you..
I often lay awake at night
When the world is fast asleep,
And take a walk down Memory Lane,
With tears upon my cheeks.

Remembering you is easy,
I do it every day,
But missing you is a heartache
That never goes away.
I hold you tightly within my heart,
And there you will remain.
Life has gone on without you,
But it will never be the same.

For those who still have their children,
Treat them with care.
You will never know the emptiness
As when you turn and they're not there.


02 August 2010

You Don't Have To

"You don't have to be strong for others. You are not obligated to get back to normal so that others are comfortable around you. Grief is a sign that you are healing and growing as a person. Let it happen." -Unknown

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