26 September 2007

Why Olivia?

It was her name before we knew it. It was always her name, and it was meant to be given to her. One of the very first names that came up was "Olivia". Hubby loved it. In the end we ruled it out because it is such a popular name and we didn't want there to be 5 other Olivia's in her kindergarten class. The night before Olivia was born Hubby and I discussed what to name her. The first name came from Doug who said "Olivia". It clicked. That was it. We immediately knew it. I said "Olivia", and she became Olivia. Then I asked about a middle name. We thought a second. I said a certain name and it clicked again. That was it. We knew it. Olivia. A name beloved by her daddy, with a name shared with her momma and beloved by her grandma, added to the name of her family. It is perfect, and it fits her so well. When I held her the next day, I knew "Olivia" was who she was meant to be.

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