16 February 2008

Little Princess?

Today we went to a ballet of Cinderella. It was the first time going to a ballet for both of us. It was beautiful. Adding to it's beauty were about a hundred little girls in the audience all dressed up in there prettiest dresses with curls in their hair and crowns on their heads. Some were even wearing princess costumes. It was daddy-daughter night and the daddy-daughter couples looked their best for their special evening out together. We couldn't help but think of you, Olivia, and wonder if you'd be a little princess or a tomboy. Of course we think of you as a pretty little princess angel, but that very well may not be the case. We hope you dropped in on us tonight and heard us talking about you during intermission. We wonder if you'd've let Mommy take you to ballet classes or if you'd've let Daddy take you to theater classes, or if you'd rather play basketball and softball. You were in our thoughts tonight, and we hope you know how much you're loved.

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