01 May 2009

My Poem for Olivia

She was supposed to be here now,
So cuddly, warm and sweet.
You planned for months, and felt her move,
And loved her more each day.

This baby girl, you hadn’t met,
Filled you up with pride.
We couldn’t wait to meet her too,
And look into her eyes.

Then, with no notice,
She was taken from this place.
I heard the phone, got a lump in my throat,
And knew nothing would be the same.

Tears rolled freely down my cheeks,
As I listened to the news.
My heart just ached, and I wondered what
Your hearts must be going through.

Olivia Marie,
The name just seemed to fit,
The precious girl who couldn’t stay,
Though we wished so much she could.

She must be special to have left,
Such a mark on us.
And what a day it will be,
When we meet her face to face.

She will always be your daughter,
Our granddaughter, niece and cousin.
We’ll just have to wait a while,
To see Livy’s perfect smile.

-Olivia's Aunt Mandy

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