04 February 2010

The Sleepover

They've packed their bags and favorite toys -
A giggling group of girls and boys.

A trip to Grandma's, a night of treats;
A cousin fest, with little sleep.

They get to play and sleep all night.
Oh they'll behave, they seldom fight.

They've settled in, they're breathing deep;
A sigh, a moan, a little peep.

My house is full, my heart is not.
Inside I have an aching spot.

I miss your voice, your laugh of glee,
Your tiny arms encircling me.

The others here will never know
Why you were taken, we miss you so.

As night descends on sleeping faces
I scan the sky for Heavenly places.

A shining star beams through the night;
A flicker, a twinkle of far away light.

Tears form, but peace fills the air.
You haven't missed it. I know you are here.

Your bag too is packed, with Heavenly toys
Of love and comfort and radiant joy.

Your tiny presence, a watch you'll keep
Over your loved ones as each of them sleeps.

-Chloe's Grandma

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