04 June 2007

Peace at last!

For the past week or so I have been searching and studying any and all church leaders talks and comments on miscarriages, stillborns, and infant deaths. I have pondered and prayed over what I have learned. I have wanted to share it with you. Since a visit to the temple this past Saturday I know I have all I need to be able to share. So, here goes...

I have learned, from church leader's talks and comments, that our spirits may not be at the same maturity as our bodies. For example, an adult spirit may posses a child's body or vice versa. It all depends on how far the spirit progressed/aged in the preexistence. I learned this, and shared it with Hubby hours before we took a visit to the temple. Learning this at that time was a blessing for us both.

I have learned, also from church leader's talks and comments, that God's love means that he has to do what's best for ALL his children, and that "ALL" includes his children in the preexistence, here, and in the next life. We cannot see all the worlds. Only He knows what is truly best. Olivia was needed elsewhere, or her leaving helped us to return to her, or any other number of reason's we cannot see here in this world. I like to think of our Livy as helping our family members who have passed before her to learn of the Plan of Salvation. Learning this has brought me peace at last!

I hope me sharing what I have learned has given you the same peace and comfort it gave to me. I share this in the greatest of sincerity.

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