22 June 2007

Who did she look like?

Well, there is a free service by Hollywood Foto where they will make a picture of your stillborn baby look more life-like. They study the picture and edit it according to what she would have looked like if she were alive. We just got ours back yesterday, and I gotta say that she looks like Hubby. She has the same cheeks Hubby and his dad have. I think she also has his nose. You can't tell in the edited picture, but she has my lips. Hubby and I have similar eye structure, foreheads, and chins, so she had those the same as us. I think she has Hubby's hands and toes. She has long thighs and arms like me. What a pretty little thing!

1 comment:

Kimmeroobobslob said...

How fun to see a picture like that. I would love to see it sometime!
Lots of Love,

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