26 July 2007

Tiny Footprints

A Letter to a Lost Grandbaby and Niece

What a song began in our hearts when she first told us about you, a note of excitement bubbling over. We could not help but fall in love just waiting.

We knitted blankets of hopes, dreamed countless adventures, imagined bright sunny days at the park, your first ice cream cone melting down pudgy fists.

Our arms readied themselves, we waited on edge, longing for the day when your first cries would break the air, and we would be there to soothe, to rock, to lullabye to sleep.

We could not be prepared for the next measure-your mother's voice broken, her heart, our hearts together, rubbed sore and raw with the loss of you. Our arms helpless to soothe, to rock away her pain.

Oh little one, what plans we had, what delicious dreams, what joy you brought in your small space. Your tiny footprints carried with us create a new rhythm in our hearts.

by Kimberly de Montbrun

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