12 October 2010

Walk To Remember

Every year our local chapter of SHARE holds a Walk to Remember at a local park. Every year the day of the walk we have been out of state visiting hubby's family. This year I was bound and determined to go. I'm so glad we did.
We all gathered in the amphitheater.

The back of the t-shirts.

Display as you walk in. Click on it to make it larger. Brought back so many memories of the day Livy was born. Little dress. Little bear. Little hands and feet.

Waiting for the program to begin.

This is me, Olivia's momma.

The fella who read a poem.

This fella came from Arizona to talk and sing for us. He lost a daughter. The song he sang was absolutely beautiful. I'll post the link as soon as I find it. Check back later if you're interested. His name is Kevin Burdick.

The walk.

Others on the walk.

Livy's balloon.

A balloon for each baby lost to this world.

Remembering a friend's baby since she wasn't able to be there.

Two gals read all the babies' names and as each name was read they're loved one(s) released a balloon for him/her.

My friend's baby's balloon flying high.

Olivia's balloon on it's way to heaven.

Silent tears fell down my face the whole time. It was such a wonderful experience. Loved it. So glad we went.

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