17 December 2010

Gift Number Three

"Hey [Peach] I hope the holidays are treatking you ok this year. I wanted to let you know he did Olivias wish. I dont have any pictures but ill tell you the story... I have a friend who is going through a really bad divorce. She is supporting her kids on a very low income ther werent getting much for Christmas so L**** and I decided to do sub for santa for them. So they could get what they really needed we just gave my friend the money and watched the kids while she shopped. The little girl is 3 and so the money we gave to her I did in honor of Olivias wish. I hope her Christmas is just a little bit brigther this year. Much love [Peach]!!"

What a blessing to this family! How generous of you. This is what Christmas is all about. Thank you so much.

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