12 December 2010

Gift Number Two

"Hi [Peach], T**** and I did donate to Toys for Tots in honor of Olivia's Christmas Wish. The link for Memorials is broken so I went ahead and made the donation and created the card that I was going to send. I am going to email in pdf. We went to Brunswick yesterday and talked to Toys for Tots, they said that the donations are still down this year. The younger children are good, but the 10 and up are hurting. Olivia, should be able to help some. A cute story, while we were at the mall in Brunswick we heard a dog bark in the mall...there is not a pet shop. We went to find it. It was the Humane Society. After looking around at the animals were getting ready to leave I had the distinct prompting or remembrance whichever you want to call it, of one of your posts about being sure that Olivia loved animals as much as you. I talked it over with my husband and asked him if on our way out of the mall we would donate to the Humane Society as a part of Olivia's Wish. We did. [Peach], you will never know how blessed my life has been to see Christmas this year through Olivia's eyes. These are only two things. I guess since I do not have children, Christmas has always been somewhat painful. But this year, it's been different for me. I have searched through the eyes of a Celestial child, yours, for opportunities of service. They are all around. I have been blessed. Yes my arms are still empty this Christmas, but my heart is full. Olivia's Wish helped put me in the mind set to focus on my Savior. I have not doubt that your little girl has a part in her Christmas wish, because there was an excitement there that I have NEVER felt before. I wish I could explain. Thank you again [Peach]. Merry Christmas!"

Oh S*****! Thank you ever so much! You have no idea how much this means to me. I sit here so touched with tears in my eyes. You are a wonderful woman with such a mother heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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