25 July 2011


I am already thinking about the fact that Olivia's next birthday will be her fifth. We've decided to fundraise to purchase a pretty paver in our local zoo's beautiful carousel courtyard for her. The paver will read "In Memory of Olivia (middle name) (last name)". The total cost is only $100. We have a website through ChipIn! where family and friends can go to donate through our personal PayPal account. I'm even thinking about having a little get-together at the carousel courtyard with a birthday cake for those who donate. Yes, I think I will. I love so much that girl of mine.

Her fifth birthday will be on May 1, 2012, but the fundraiser ends on January 30, 2011 to allow time to submit the engraved paver request and to have the engraving done.

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1 comment:

brigette said...

Was finally able to chip in! You are so close I hope you guys make it!! Hugs as her birthday gets closer. Praying for you always!

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