11 August 2007

Angel Child

Dear angel child, we've lost you for a while.
Oh, how I long to hold you near my heart.
It hurts me to have to let you go.
How can it be that we should part?

I could not bear it if I did not know
That one day it will be just as before.
I'll cradle you again within my arms,
And feel the joy of holding you once more.

Yet than will be more beautiful than now-
In that sweet world all free from sin and sorrow.
Where only love and goodness you will know-
When you are mine in that bright tomorrow.

Oh angel child, Celestial child of mine,
I thank the Lord for sending you to me.
I pray that I may live to be found worthy
To be with you throughout eternity,
To be with you through out eternity.

This song was written by Dawn Hughes Ballentyne for the parents of Ashley May Draw, and angel child.

Thanks to Kim for sharing this with us.

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