19 August 2007

Due Date Balloon Release

We are planning a balloon release at Livy's grave on her due date, August 20th. EVERYONE is invited, but we don't expect for you to come. It's nothing formal. Just a little way for us to remember her. We also thought it might be nice for those who were not able to attend the funeral. You can bring a balloon, or not. Nothing is expected. However, if you do bring a balloon please do not bring a metallic-looking mylar one as they do not biodegrade. We will be there at 7:00 PM. There will not be a ceremony or anything, just a moment of silence when you can think or pray, then the balloon release. Please do not feel like you need to come from out-of-town, but you can if you wish. Either way is honestly fine with us. IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE WHO MIGHT LIKE TO BE THERE PLEASE INVITE THEM FOR US.

Also, thought I'd mention that we have friends and family who live out of state who are releasing balloons for Olivia where they live at the same time we are. If you'd like to do that, that'd be wonderful. If you happen to get a picture, we'll post it here on her memorial blog.

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