11 August 2007

We're Pregnant!

Here's the story of when we found out we were pregnant with Olivia, and how we told our family:

Hubby and I had the day off of work for a fertility appointment. We figured we'd take a prego testo before we went just in case. Well, after almost 9 months of taking the tests we didn't expect to get anything other than a negative. It was positive immediately. I couldn't believe it. My eyes got huge, and my jaw dropped. I just stood there for a minute. I picked it up and tried to take it to Hubby a few times, but kept turning around, putting it in the light, and staring at it. After not hearing anything from me for a couple minutes Hubby hollered, "What does it say?", or something like that. I said, "Well, tell me what you think.", and took it to him. He saw my hand shaking when I handed the test to him and got an excited look on his face. He looked at it, then looked at me with the biggest smile. "We're pregnant! We're pregnant! Oh, my gosh!" was said a lot. Big hugs and kisses. We went out and bought a baby book that evening.
We wanted to wait until Christmas to tell anyone about it. It was our year to go to my hometown. We pasted pictures of the positive test in Christmas cards. We took one back home and taped one to Hubby's parent's Christmas gift. After my Momma and Grandma picked us up at the airport we went out to eat. Before we ate I handed Momma the card. She opened it, but she and Grandma couldn't make out what the picture was. At first she said, "What is it, a nail file?" I told her to turn it sideways and then she saw it. She yelled "You're pregnant? You're pregnant?" so loud that the whole restaurant knew. Big hugs and kisses. We had planned for Hubby's Dad to open his and Mom's card at the Christmas get-together with the family even though we weren't able to be there. He did, couldn't make out what the picture was, and put the card aside. Someone asked him what it said. He picked it up again, looked at it, and though it was maybe a nail file. The whole while Hubby was on the phone with one of his sisters. Hubby told his sister to tell Dad to hand the card to a girl. He did, and then everyone knew. Lots of congrats over the phone.

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