01 May 2008

Memorial Fundraiser

We just started a fundraising campaign and it would mean a lot to us if you can help us out. All funds raised will go to The National Stillbirth Society in honor of Olivia's first birthday on May 1, 2008.

Donated funds to stillbirth research are low due to the public not being aware of just how large of a problem stillbirths are. Also, many families of stillborn babies are understandably not comfortable discussing the matter. In fact, up until recently they were told by doctors not to discuss the matter.

The numbers are shocking. An estimated 26,000 SADS deaths occur annually in the U. S., many of them at or near full term. Stated another way, 1 in every 115 deliveries is a "still" baby. Despite advances in so many areas of obstetrics, the incidence of stillbirths in many states has been rising in over the past decade.

Very slowly, awareness is being raised. It is our hope that with that awareness comes a realization of the need to fund research to prevent these deaths. Breath outside the womb is the only difference in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and SADS (Sudden Antenatal Death Syndrome). Though the subject is not a comfortable one, we need to make SADS as well known as SIDS, and raise funds to help find a cure.

Please take a quick minute to browse our fundraising webpage by going to http://www.SupportOurGroup.com/ZF760.

Please spread the word! Share this fundraiser with a friend.

We really appreciate your help. Thanks for your support!

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