01 May 2008

My Little Girl

I met you last year, and the time we spent together was brief
You may not know this, but at first glance I knew you were sweet.

I held you in my arms and I saw your whole life pass by in a glance
I saw your first day of school, and your first high school dance.

I saw your first baby steps and the first tooth that came in
I heard the first time you said "Da-da," and saw the first time I let you win.

I saw your first walk to school, on your first day of class.
I could picture me saying how I thought time was going by too fast...

I saw from your very first Christmas, and your first Easter egg hunt.
To the very first Halloween costume that you really did want.

I imagined reading you books as you fell fast asleep for the night
And I would give you advice as you went through the pitfalls of life.

I could see your first boyfriend, through giving you away at the altar.
Now, you can guess that the man holding you in his arms was your father.

You may not have been able to see me but I know you felt my love.
I know you felt my kisses and all my gentle hugs.

You will forever be with me, no matter where I am in this world.
My name is [___], but call me "Daddy," and you will always be my little girl.

-Dennis Sparrow

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