31 August 2011

Another Due Date Day

August 20th was the anniversary of Olivia's due date. We were camping. I didn't get to bring her flowers or balloons, but I thought of her all day long. All day long. I love that baby of mine. I love that little girl, that young woman she would have been, the woman who would have been my best friend in my over-the-hill years. What a beautiful life she would have had, and we would have had with her.

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paula said...

I thought about you and your whole family all day on her due date. I love it that you raise your kids , wih the knowledge that they have an older sister. I wish the topic of my oldest brother who died during delivery from a cord death wouldn't have been taboo when I was a kid. I always wondered why my parents didn't include him in the # of kids they had when people would ask. Now I know they just didn't want to explain to people. It's only been since you lost Livy that I've been able to talk to my Mom about it. She said it was just too painful to speak of and people's attitudes about it back then were the mentality of,"well-just have another one." So...she chose not to speak of it. I still have NEVER been able to speak of it with my Dad. (sorry-this is turning into a novel...again)

I think about Livy each time I see Holly's little guy and each time it breaks my heart for you, for D, for her siblings and for Livy. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's just not fair.

Peach said...

Paula I had no idea you had a brother who was stillborn! I am so sorry! Things were so different back then. Your poor momma. Thank you for remembering. xoxo

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